World Series and Wire Mesh!

The Fall Classic. The World Series.

World Series: 2016
2016 World Series – Chicago Cubs vs. Cleveland Indians

The 2016 World Series is between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians, and, so far, it has been a great series. We at Darby Wire Mesh have been glued to the series, mostly because we love the game of baseball. It also reminds us when our Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series in 2008.

One of the neat things about watching the World Series on TV is the shots of the crowd. You can absolutely see how invested the teams’ fans are…especially the fans of the Cubs. After all, it’s been almost 100 years since they have won the World Series!

In watching the game on Sunday October 30th, we saw a great image of wire mesh in the background. Oh, and in front of the mesh: Jim Harbaugh (right), head coach of the University of Michigan Football team, and his father (left).

A Wire Mesh Infill Panel spotted at Wrigley Field, during World Series.
A Wire Mesh Infill Panel spotted at Wrigley Field, during World Series.

After zooming in on the photo, it appears the mesh is a Lock Crimp Woven Wire Mesh, that has been rotated 45 degrees to create a diamond orientation. It was then likely placed into a channel and painted and/or coated in green. For more information about wire mesh that is used in infill panels, please visit:


Tim Tebow and Wire Mesh??!!!

Time Tebow, crashes into padded fence. Wire mesh infill panel is present.
Time Tebow, crashes into padded fence. Wire mesh infill panel is present.



By all accounts, Tim Tebow is a talented athlete. He won the Heisman Trophy as a quarterback for the University of Florida. He played in the NFL, and now, he is playing minor league baseball in the New York Mets organization.

In this photo of Tim crashing into a wall, we at Darby are drawn to see the wire mesh infill panels that are used above the padded fence. Both welded and woven wire mesh specifications are commonly used in infill panels at ball parks, stadiums, amusement parks and playgrounds.

Too good not to share!!

#TBT , or “Throw Back Thursday”. In social media, it’s a chance to share something cool, something from the past, something old school. Something that brings back good memories.

We at Darby Wire Mesh shared a great photo this morning on Facebook and Twitter, but this picture is too good not to share on our blog!  This photo was taken in the 1980s!


The men of Darby Wire Mesh circa 1980
The men of Darby Wire Mesh circa 1980


Darby Celebrates Retirement of Long Time Employee

Today, August 31, 2016, is a bittersweet day at the headquarters of Edward J. Darby & Son, Inc. It is also a special day because we, at Darby, are celebrating the retirement of one of our long-time employees, Noberto B.

“Mister” Noberto, as he is sometimes affectionately called, has been with Darby for 28 years. During his time here, Noberto functioned in many capacities, but he truly excelled in his slitting capabilities.


Noberto slitting wire mesh
Noberto slitting wire mesh


During his time at Darby, Noberto could be counted on for fastidious attention to detail. When there was a job with strict tolerances, Noberto was Darby’s go-to-guy!

However, as dependable as Noberto was in his daily responsibilities, what Darby will miss the most is his genuine and warm personality. Over his morning coffee, Noberto would always ask his colleagues how they were feeling and what was new in their lives. Noberto was a breath of fresh air, and all of us at Darby will miss him.

Never one to sit still, Noberto is planning to leave Philadelphia to enjoy his retirement in an idyllic location.

Noberto's Retirement
Noberto’s Retirement


Darby Caters to the Industrial User of Wire Mesh and Wire Cloth


Men of Darby

Some companies celebrate the fact that they have been in business for 25 years, or 40 years, or even 50 years. At Darby, we’ve been in business for over 160 years! The reason for this longevity stems from our ability to exceed the expectations of the broad range ofcustomers that use wire mesh and wire cloth. We pride ourselves in our ability to service all customers, but we have never lost sight of the fact that industrial users are Darby’s core customer.



To our industrial customers, Darby offers a selection of customized product offerings known as the “Darby Advantage”. These wire mesh oriented offerings include: Dedicated Customer Service, Large & Varied Inventory, Preferred & Competitive Pricing, Knowledge of Product & Industry, Fabrication Services, Expediting Services, and Blanket Order & Consignment Programs.


For more information on these, please visit:


In this blog entry, we want to focus on Darby’s preferred and competitive pricing we offer to qualified industrial users. When a customer is identified as an industrial user, our system will automatically reflect that by offering competitive pricing. This pricing applies to various wire mesh specifications in stock; it also applies to custom manufactured runs.

Pricing Information

We also encourage our industrial users to contact us directly, either via email or phone, and discuss your requirements. We are always eager to help an industrial user when price is one of the many determinants of securing a job.




Philadelphia Welcomes the Democratic National Convention; Darby Wire Mesh is Ready!

Philadelphia Skyline, source:
Philadelphia Skyline, source:

Last year, Pope Francis graced Philadelphia for a long weekend. This year, the DNC visits Philly for the week. We may be a bit biased, but we love our city! We are always happy to welcome visitors to Philadelphia.

2016 DNC in Philadelphia source:
2016 DNC in Philadelphia, source:


Philadelphia is often referred to the birthplace of America because it was in the city that the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. The Founding Fathers of our nation often spent time in Independence Hall and the surrounding area.

This larger area today is known as Old City, and the Old City area will always hold a special place in the history of our company, Edward J. Darby & Son, Inc. It is believed that one of Darby’s first manufacturing facilities was located on the 200 block of Arch Street, a few blocks from Independence Hall.

Darby is no longer based in Old City. We are now headquartered in North Philadelphia, a few blocks from Temple University.

As the Democratic National Convention is set to take over the city, we want to let all of our customers know that Darby Wire Mesh has taken the necessary precautions to make sure your requirements are taken care of. We have coordinated with our shipping carriers, and they have ensured us that they do not expect delays. At Darby, we will be here, amid the hustle and bustle, to make sure we are able to service all of your wire mesh needs. Feel free to talk to us about any special requirements you may have.


Framed wire mesh infill panel overlooking city
Wire Mesh with Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station in background, source:

*** For over 160 years, EJ Darby and Son, Inc. has been a mainstay in the wire mesh industry and excels in supplying mesh for use in a broad range of applications and industries.***

Darby launches new website!

In July of 2016, Edward J. Darby & Son, Inc. – one of the country’s oldest manufacturers and distributors of wire mesh and wire cloth – launched a brand new website aimed to better serve all types of wire mesh users.

Our old site – may it rest in peace – was great…for a while. We will miss it!

Old website screenshot,
Old website screenshot,


Our new website contains a ton of more information, including new and up-to-date wire mesh specific content and high quality photos. We hope that you like it!

Please be sure to spend some time visiting

***Founded in 1854, Edward J. Darby & Son, Inc. remains a trusted manufacturer and distributor of wire mesh and wire cloth. For over 160 years, Darby has been a mainstay in the wire mesh industry and excels in supplying mesh for use in a broad range of applications and industries. Darby supplies hog farmers and aerospace engineers, and every user in between, including those within the filtration, automotive, food, architectural, security and electronics industries.***

Wire mesh on display in NYC: Annette Cords – an extremely talented artist

Lately, many of our blog entries have focused on the technical side of the wire mesh industry. Because the nuts and bolts of wire mesh can be confusing, we wanted to help. So, we created a wire mesh quiz…and even followed up with a pop quiz to further test your wire mesh knowledge. The topic was “Mesh Count,” and many of our customers have informed us how useful and helpful it was in learning about wire mesh.