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Fabricated Wire Mesh Products

Disc and Extruder Screens

As a supplier of industrial mesh for over 160 years, Edward J. Darby & Son, Inc. can handle all of your disc and extruder screen fabricating requirements. Darby’s estimating staff has the experience and knowledge to analyze virtually any print and replicate any sample disc and screen; our fabricating technicians have the expertise and tooling to deliver a quality product, per your exact specifications.

Most importantly, our industrial users benefit from Darby’s extensive inventory, which provides customers with instant access to both standard and rare alloys and mesh counts. Darby’s production room houses many specially-designed wire mesh disc cutters and punch-and-die sets that quickly produce high quality wire mesh discs and extruder screens. Darby also stocks a wide range of commonly used discs and extruder screens. Please contact us with our specifications.

Fabricated Parts

Wire mesh is an extremely versatile industrial product and is often used in a wide array of unique applications, most notably, fabricated parts for industrial use. Darby leverages its expansive inventory of mesh, its ability to custom manufacture and its fabrication services to routinely produce fabricated parts.

To comply with your request, we ask that you provide a diagram, sketch or sample of the fabricated part. Please be sure to include mesh specifications, including alloy/material and mesh count, if applicable. Finally, because fabricated parts are custom manufactured it is critical to provide quantities needed. We are happy to work with you in supplying your wire mesh fabricated parts.

Basket Fabrication

Because wire mesh is such a versatile product, it is often used in the fabrication of baskets. Edward J. Darby & Son, Inc. proudly offers custom fabrication on all baskets. From the identification of the appropriate alloy, to the selection of your desired mesh count and diameter wire, Darby looks forward to fabricating your design. We simple ask that you provided us with a print or diagram that depicts the details of your design. At this time, Darby does not stock baskets, nor do we offer designing services.

Darby has the capabilities to cut mesh to size, bend and shape your basket and weld a supporting frame and handles. We routinely fabricate wire test-tube racks and wire parts baskets.

General Use Sieves

Edward J. Darby & Son, Inc. has been supplying general use sieves since the mid-1900s. Darby’s general use sieves, also known as hand riddles and found riddles, are commonly constructed of a white polyethylene plastic rim and a galvanized wire mesh. This product – at one time, extremely popular within the foundry industry—remains popular for industrial users, as well as archaeologists, gardeners and bakers. Users of this fabricated product require a convenient and useful sieve for sifting and separating.

Darby’s general use sieves are fabricated per our customers’ exact specification. Darby specializes in 18” diameter sieves, though other outside diameters may be available. Aside from the common galvanized mesh, customers often specify stainless steel and plain steel wire mesh. Please contact us to discuss your specifications.

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