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Galvanized Hardware Cloth

Galvanized hardware cloth – or hardware cloth as it is sometimes referred to – is one of the most common and recognizable categories of wire mesh. Because Hardware Cloth is extremely versatile and attractively priced, it is used in thousands of different applications. Aside from its adaptability and price point, another benefit of Darby’s Hardware Cloth is that, due to its zinc coating, it is corrosion resistant and will have a longer life than a comparable plain steel wire mesh.

Darby boasts one of the country’s most expansive inventories of this product. Below are some of the more popular industries and uses for Darby’s Hardware Cloth:

  • Building & Construction – General contracting, insulation, ventilation, HVAC applications, gutter guards & roofing, soffit screen, and in stucco, ceilings and tile installation.
  • Outdoor Uses – Gardening, greenhouses, compost bins, planters, fencing and enclosures, and chicken coops.
  • Pest or Varmint Control – Various hardware cloths are commonly used to protect against rats, mice, raccoons, gophers, snakes and other nuisances.
  • Unique industries and uses, like archeology, beekeeping. Bakery, fishing and tractor, commonly use Darby’s Galvanized Hardware Cloth when a specific opening size is needed.
  • Hardware Supply and Retail Centers

Darby offers two variations of galvanized hardware cloth – our standard galvanized hardware cloth and our specialty galvanized hardware cloth. All hardware cloths are constructed in either a Welded or a Woven construction, depending upon the opening size and diameter wire.

Generally speaking, all of Darby’s hardware cloth are manufactured and stocked in full, 100FT rolls. Available widths are typically, 24”, 36”, 48”, 60” and in some cases, 72” wide. Quantity discounts are available for multiple roll purchases. Please contact us with your exact requirements.

Please keep in mind that due to the complexities of the galvanizing process, wires may not be perfectly straight; while straightness may impact the appearance of the mesh, it should not impact its functionality. If “straight-ness” is a major concern, we recommend looking at another type of wire mesh, like Stainless Steel.

Choose your Material

Standard Galvanized Hardware Cloth

Galvanized Hardware Cloth

The standard version of galvanized hardware cloth is available in popular opening sizes, like 1/2", 1/4" and 1/8”

Specialty Galvanized Hardware Cloth

Galvanized Hardware Cloth

Specialty hardware cloth offers less common opening sizes, unique diameter wires, and in some cases, PVC Coating.

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