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Fireplace Screen

During the late 1800s and early 1900s, EJ Darby & Son, Inc., also known as Pennsylvania Wire Works, was a large manufacturer of complete fireplace screen units. Over the years, Darby has transitioned from a custom manufacturer of fireplace screens to one of the country’s preeminent suppliers of wire mesh used in fireplace screen applications.

The most popular woven wire mesh used in fireplace screens is a mesh that has an opening size of approximately 1/10” and a percentage of open area of 60%. This clear opening size, in conjunction with the standard diameter wire, offers an ideal combination of spark retention, heat protection and visibility. In other words, an opening size of 1/10” will keep out larger embers – and with 60% open area, you should have a very nice view of that glowing fire while staying warm at night.

There are a handful of metals and alloys that are commonly used in fireplace screen applications. Please find some of our most popular and most requested specifications commonly used for fireplace screen below. Darby encourages users to explore the popular material options featured below. Typically, all of these meshes are mounted in a frame to create a complete unit. Should you not see your exact specifications, please Search by Material or contact us with your requirements.

Please note: Each individual fireplace application is unique, and each individual user has a distinct vision for his or her final product. This website was developed with the goal of providing, in detail, the information we have learned from customers throughout the years. Darby sincerely hopes that you understand we are unable to provide specific recommendations for each customer’s unique requirements. The information provided here, and throughout this website, is intended to serve only as a guide in the decision making process.

Fireplace Screens

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Plain Steel

Fireplace Screen Meshes

Strong and dark in color, plain steel mesh is a popular choice for a classic and old-world look.

T-304 SS

Fireplace Screen Meshes

Sturdy and silver-gray in color, stainless steel mesh is requested when a unique, industrial or modern look is wanted.


Fireplace Screen Meshes

Silver in color and typically bright—aluminum mesh is flexible, malleable and tends to be favored by the artistic user.


Fireplace Screen Meshes

Golden yellow in color, brass mesh is popular among users wanting a rustic or traditional look.


Fireplace Screen Meshes

For a high-end and sophisticated look, bronze mesh is often preferred due to its unique golden brown with red tint color.


Fireplace Screen Meshes

Elegant and functional, copper mesh offers an extraordinary reddish-orange color creating a distinguished look.

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