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In our 160 years of distributing and manufacturing wire mesh and wire mesh products, Darby continues to believe that satisfying our customers is critical to our long-term success. We understand that there are certain times when our customers “need material yesterday.” As a result, Darby offers numerous expediting services, to include same day shipments, rush delivery, pickups and expedited fabrication. Because of our extensive inventory and devoted staff, we routinely ship material out the day your order is placed. Located in the heart of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Darby utilizes UPS World Ship, which allows us to ship material out Express Critical, Next Day Air, Second Day Air and UPS ground.

Darby also works closely with various motor freight carriers and courier services to make sure our customer receives material when it is needed. Please contact us with your expediting requirements.

Darby also provides quick turnaround on most quotations.

Special Packaging Requirements

Often times, industrial users of wire mesh require special packaging for their material. Some of the more popular packaging requirements include: individually packaged and marked shipments, flat shipments, shipments with extra protection, consolidated shipments and customized boxes. Please contact us to discuss your special packaging requirements. Extra charges may apply.

Blind Shipments

As a result of Edward J. Darby & Son, Inc.’s longevity within the industry, we enjoy a reputation of honesty and trust. To that end, Darby offers blind shipments. Blind shipments travel directly to our customer’s customer, saving them both time and money. Blind shipments are ideal for customers who do not want to reveal Darby’s name to their customers. We have worked with UPS and various motor freight carriers to enhance our customized blind shipment program. This program allows us to set up and schedule blind shipments and keep your sensitive information private. Darby can use generic shipping labels, as well as those of our customers, if desired.

Mesh Analysis

Do you have a piece of mesh that you are looking to identify or even replicate? Edward J. Darby & Son, Inc.’s team of knowledgeable and experienced technicians has the ability to identify virtually any woven or welded wire mesh you may have. We commonly identify mesh count, diameter wire, opening size and percentage of open area. We are happy to offer this service, free of charge. We also have the capabilities to distinguish specific alloys and chemical compositions; additional charges may apply.

Blanket Orders

To more effectively meet the demands of our customers, Edward J. Darby & Son, Inc. offers the convenience and cost-savings of extending Blanket Orders to approved Wire Mesh users. Most blanket orders span over a time of 6 to 12 months and have set delivery schedules. Darby will reserve your material and ship material out on your schedule.

JIT Programs

As a distributor and manufacturer of wire mesh and wire mesh products for over 160 years, Edward J. Darby & Son, Inc. excels in JIT (just-in-time) programs for many fabricated parts. Darby understands how important it is that the customer receives a quality product; we also know how critical delivery can be to an industrial user’s production schedule. Darby’s JIT customers can rest easy and devote their attention elsewhere. Darby also understands that there may be times when our customer needs additional fabricated parts. We are happy to assist.

OEM Fabrication

Edward J. Darby & Son, Inc. offers a wide arrange of fabricating capabilities. We are more than equipped to handle virtually any OEM part. Please provide us with a sketch, diagram or the part, itself, so that our estimating team—engineers, fabricators, and sales team—can analyze and quote on your requirements.

Chemical and Physical Material Certifications

Edward J. Darby & Son, Inc. can offer chemical and/or physical certification for most any woven or welded wire mesh. A request for Darby’s standard chemical and/or physical certification must be clearly stated on your official written purchase order. Unfortunately, in most cases, we are unable to provide certifications more than 60 days after the order ships.

For any non-standard or specialized certification, including, but not limited to, statements of DFAR and/or USA manufacture, Country of Melt, ROHS compliance, Conflict of Materials (Dodd-Frank), LEED, magnetic permeability, or a particular industrial specification, the request must be clearly communicated in the original request for quote (RFQ) and clearly stated on the official purchase order. In order to comply with these special certification requests, additional charges may apply. Please speak to a sales person or a quality control representative for more information.


Wire Mesh Help

This website has been designed with the goal of providing website visitors with all of the detailed information we have learned from our broad range of customers over the years. Moreover, this website has been developed to serve as a guide to assist in the decision making process for the purchase of wire mesh.

It is Darby’s hope that this website will guide visitors as they attempt to determine what wire mesh specifications will satisfy their specific requirements – from the most complex to the most straight-forward. As always, we are happy to discuss your requirements.

We are, however, unable to make specific wire mesh recommendations for a specific application. If you are unsure about what mesh will work best in your application, we suggest sampling, prototyping or speaking to an expert or engineer in your particular industry. Wire mesh suggestions are believed to be reliable, but Darby makes no warranty of the results, operationally, aesthetically or otherwise.

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